FORUM 2004 housing block

Xavier Vancells + Franc Fernández + Carles Puig

1rst Prize International Competition

This project pushed the terms of flexibility to their limit. The perimeter crown is made up of modules that can be used as required, serving equally for activities as disparate as sleeping and working.


These spaces are randomly accompanied by green modules that echo the galleries typical of Spanish houses, as well as setting up an appropriate thermal exchange with the exterior at all times of the year. The interior of the crown contains a large free space interrupted only by closed nuclei that serve as access and bathrooms. The overall impression is of a highly fluid space.

The various layout options propitiated by this approach range from a small apartament suitable for one person to a home/workspace for several occupants, including a traditional family (which has long been experiencing changes in its lifestyle). This new conception of transparent space seeks to assimilate the latest trends in housing.

 Infrastructures 2004


Xavier Vancells, Franc Fernández, Carles Puig
Joan Anguita, Anne-Sophie De Vargas


1rst Prize International Competition

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