TMB garage

Xavier Vancells + Franc Fernández + Carles Puig

The proposal was generated on the basis of two premises considered fundamental:

1. The creation of a flexible, open system capable of being modified and enriched in the operation process and of responding effectively to future demands.

2. Minimisation of the ecological impact potentially inherent in a facility of this size, in order to turn it into a model of balance between landscape and constructed form. The project’s development is governed by the premises of sustainability and nt by aesthetic considerations.


The building is set entirely underground, while projecting towards the perimeter without ever touching it, as it is approached with extreme care. The intervention does not involve any impact on the site, thereby making it possible to regenerate the spaces around it. A building with no façades.

The soil resulting from the excavation is reused by putting it into the neighbouring landscape (currently very deteriorated), respecting the existing vegetation and substantially reducing the cost of the operation. It is not a question of extending the "green" on the edges of the Ronda de Dalt towards Collserola but rather of bringing the local vegetation of Collserola down to the project.

The system is organised in strips parallel to the natural topography of the terrain, embracing successively, from north to south, parking space, a central access lung and workshop, with a walkway on top, like a spine that flexibly links all the spaces intended for offices and services.

A light structure supporting a veritable green lung is built on the access lung. This light, vegetal construction occupies the empty space in the central lung, bestowing character and rotundity on the the landscape-constructed form binomial and providing the project with the required resources of sustainability.

 Bus parking, office, sport, public space
 Area 33.913m2 / built 44.309m2
 TMB-Barcelona Metropolitan Transports, Barcelona City Hall


Xavier Vancells, Franc Fernández, Carles Puig
Joan Anguita, Jordi Rosés, Anne-Sophie De Vargas.