Ciutadella Auditorium

Xavier Vancells + Franc Fernández + Carles Puig

Competition 2nd prize

The site’s location as a gate to the old town provides an extraordinary opportunity to dynamise and regenerate the urban nucleus.

The guidelines on mobility, emphasise this area’s status as a transport hub, a strategic point for the arrival of vehicles and the penetration of pedestrians into the old town.


The project’s strategy involves freeing the maximum of space at elevation zero in order to generate a large, partially covered public square capable of fulfilling the functions of a transport hub, as well as providing access to the three new buildings, thereby concentrating most of the programme on the upper level.

The form of the highly permeable ground-floor level responds to the flow of pedestrians into the old town; the articulation of the complex is formalised by means of a street-passageway for pedestrians that serves as an outdoor foyer for the auditorium, the music school and the new headquarters of the local radio network, while also establishing a space distinguished by its high level of activity and dynamism.

The first-floor level, in contrast, is generated by arranging 10.40-m-wide strips parallel to the urban thoroughfare in alternation with patios with gardens, following the classic layout of a classroom building. This strategy makes it possible to adjust the scale of the building to that of the site while also propitiating the optimum ventilation and lighting by taking maxiumum advantage of the sunlight.

The auditorium’s box, with direct access from the passageway, is partially set underground to enhance the integration of the complex into the urban morphology and the scale of Ciutadella’s old town. The transparency of the facing on the entrance elevation propitiates maximum interaction with the passageway and the new square.

The deciduous trees planted in the garden allow for greater penetration of sunlight in winter and protection from it in summer. The interior patios with gardens are bounded by vertical claddings of metal netting with climbing plants that filter light, endowing the building with privacy and good lighting and imbuing all the spaces with a serene, relaxed atmosphere suited to the practice of music and dance.

 Ciutadella, Menorca, Spain
 Auditorium, music school, public space, office, parking
 Area 11.580m2 / built 6.238m2
 Ciutadella City Council


Xavier Vancells, Franc Fernández, Carles Puig
Joan Anguita, Anne-Sophie de Vargas.


Infografia: Juan Carlos Castro


Competition 2nd prize