13 House-block in Baldrich street

Xavier Vancells + Franc Fernández + Carles Puig

The main concept behind this project was the avoidance of any exclusive, pre-established use for the spaces by providing an open layout and a maximum degree of flexibility, thereby blurring the programmatic conditions of each room and creating a space that can be inhabited in different ways and can be used as a combination of home and workspace.


Starting from this premise, the homes were organised in four parallel strips that define four spaces with distinct characteristics.

The first strip, by the lot’s dividing wall, gathers together the spaces common to the distribution of the various homes, as well as the vertical communication elements.

A second strip gathers together the hygienic and kitchen services, along with an entrance hall to the home that serves as a distributor for the various rooms.

The central strip, extremely neutral in character, contains the living room and the bedrooms.

Finally, the fourth strip develops freely along the façade, giving rise to a gallery-type space that links the rooms and acts as a filter between the interior spaces and the exterior that makes it possible to control the temperature of the homes efficiently.

The difference between the simplex and duplex floors creates a base for the building that enables it to contextualise the neighbouring buildings.

 Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain
 SOMUHATESA - Societat Municipal d’Habitatge de Terrassa S.A.
 1.052.133 €


Xavier Vancells, Franc Fernández, Carles Puig
David Batllès, Joan Anguita, Raül Salas, Xavier Tutó, Anne-Sophie De Vargas


Structure: Base Dos

Estructura: Base Dos

Instal.lacions: RC Enginyers

Aparellador: Josep Malgosa

Fotografia: Andrés Flajszer