2010   Nomination FAD Awards of Architecture 2010

          for the ATHC Headquarters.


2009   Nomination 5th Biennal of Architecture Vallès

          for the Sant Cugat City Hall.


2007   Nomination FAD Awards of Architecture 2007

          for 14 Social Dwellings in Terrassa.


2007   First Prize 4th Biennal of Architecture Vallés,

          Regeneration Category, for the ATHC Grandstand.


2007   First Prize 4th Biennal of Architecture Vallés, Public

          Architecture Category, for the 14 Social Dwellings

          in Terrassa, Barcelona.


2003   Nomination FAD Awards of Architecture 2002, for

          the Temporary adaptation of the "Palau d'Esports"

          of Barcelona as a Musical Theatre.


2003   First Prize 2nd Biennal of Architecture Vallés for the

          House in Bellaterra.


2000   First Prize Forum 2004 Internacional Competition

          for the 44 social dwellings Fòrum 2004 Area in



1995   First Prize Du Pont Benedictus Award for a Cultural

          Center in Yokohama, Japan.