‘Architecture and Energy’at Europes Contemporary Culture Festival.


‘Architecture and Energy’ forms part of a series of three conferences focusing on the architecture and on its confrontation and interaction with other disciplines presented by the EUROPES and the College of Architects in Catalonia (COAC).

The roundtable took place in the College of Architects in Catalonia (COAC) with the participation of RaphaëlleHondelatte, Monica Tarrega&TorstenMasseck, Vicente Guallart and Xavier Vancells Ethical positioning, form in relation to energy dissipation, materialising architecture and construction, and technologies able to capture clean energy were some of the issues debated and discussed as different ways of reducing CO2 emissions. The EUROPES conferences are focussed on architecture and its ties with other areas, interlinked by the organisation of space and material in time. During the conferences, representatives from different areas met to debate and discuss different matters concerning modern-day architecture, centred on two issues: sustainability and creativity. More information of the event is available here:http://www.europes-festival.eu/en/search?q=architecture